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Alan is passionate about Food and Taste

Alan Coxon is a multi-award winning chef, TV presenter, author, culinary consultant, food archaeologist, international judge, and British Ambassador for food.

Alan has recently been awarded an honorary member of the 'World Association of Master Chefs', and has been invited to become the UK Ambassador for the 'Organisation Mondiale de la Gastronomie'.

He has filmed more than 1,250 TV food and travel shows to date that have been screened in more than 89 countries around the world for BBC 2, BBC Worldwide, Food network, Channel 5 and ITV 1, to name but a few.

Alan, as head chef, opened and ran the largest 4 star hotel in Europe and has also worked in leading hotels such as the Loews Monte Carlo and Michelin star restaurants around the world. He has also written 5 cookbooks and is a monthly columnist for UK magazines.

Alan was invited by former British Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron, to represent British gastronomy and assist the promotion of food and ingredients around the world.

Due to his significant experience within the food, media and hospitality sectors, Alan has been a much sought after speaker globally and has also hosted many professional award ceremonies for both food and fashion industries and has established a reputation as one of the world’s favourite TV chefs / presenters, listed amongst the top 10 favourites in a BBC worldwide viewer poll.

With exceptional culinary talent and an unparalleled knowledge for the earliest origins of ingredients he is also a Food Archaeologist.

KEYNOTES 2018/2019

1/ Key note speech at the University of Science and Technology Lithuania . The speech was based on the “Sexology of Taste” given to Dr`s , professors and food science students.

2/ Key note speaker at the Creative Chefs World Summit Kiev, Ukraine : A one hour speech given to 800 chefs from the Baltic states.

3/ Speaker at the “Belgrade Food” expo A one hour speech for Serbian food producers on “How to create a quality product for the International retail and hospitality sectors”.

4/ Speaker and moderator at the Chefs World Summit Monte Carlo.

5/ Speaker at the Taiwanese Food producers Awards Taiwan, delivered to 500 food producers : the speech was based on “The gustatory and olerific evaluation process” .


1/ Master of Ceremonies for the “Disciples of Escoffier UK” inauguration dinner at the Inn holders Hall London UK (60 people)

2/ International Taste and Quality Institute Superior Taste Awards, held at the Theatre du Parc Brussels Belgium (500 people)

4/ British Chamber of Commerce anniversary celebrations Lithuania ( 200 people)

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  • Band A: £1,500 → £3,500


1/ Private VIP dinner created and cooked for the British Ambassador and guests ( 50) held at the British Embassy Paris, France.

2/ Private dinner events and functions for the British Ambassador and the British Chamber of Commerce 10

3/ VIP function for the Ambassador and British Chamber of Commerce at the 5star Kempinski hotel Lithuania

4/ VIP Function for the Ambassador and British Chamber of commerce 20 year anniversary celebrations Latvia

5/ Take 4 chefs star event dinner for 150 guests as The Exelsior 5 star hotel, Venice, Italy

6/ Buffet for 200 at the British Ambassador’s residence in Kingston, Jamaica .

7/ Take 4 chefs Dinner event for 150 at the 5star Kempinski hotel Kiev

8/ Canapé event for the announcement of the “100 Best chefs of the World” “Le chef magazine”..

9/ Private dinner for 13 of wealthiest people in Monte Carlo held on a yacht moored off Monte Carlo, Monaco ( each guest has a net worth of more than

300 million euro)


1/ Mougins Michelin star chefs event : cookery demonstrations given in Mougins ,Cannes, France

2/ British Food Festival x 14 Cookery demonstrations to the general public in locations across the UK

3/ Master class to 70 Chefs in Vilnius, Lithuania

4/ Master class to 800 chefs from the Baltic States in Kiev, Ukraine

5/ Cookery demo`s to press and media as well as a demo to VIP guest to the British Ambassador Riga , Latvia

6/ Cookery demo `s to chefs and general public, Chisinau , Moldova.

7/Cookery Demo to 200 guests at the British Ambassador’s residence Kingston Jamaica.

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"Alan has this fabulous ability to connect with the audience...Somehow, he manages this rare combination of interesting, in-depth, content and of engaging, powerful, delivery."

- E. de Spoelberch, Managing Director, International Taste & Quality Institute

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