Callum Woodcock (Band A: £1,500 → £3,500)

Callum is passionate about The Potential of Young People

Callum is a passionate believer in the potential of young people to totally transform the way the world lives and works. A millennial himself, he offers a unique perspective on what matters most to the next generation of leaders, and the impact these young men and women will have on society.

Callum is Director of the Institute for Youth Policy, a think tank built to foster wealth creation by raising a new generation of entrepreneurs. Prior to this appointment, Callum held positions at Fidelity International and JP Morgan, where he also headed up ‘NextGen’, JPM’s global collaborative forum for young professionals.

He is a keynote speaker on all things relating to young people, both in and out of the workplace, and is known for his engaging and entertaining presentation style.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Bristol and is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Cambridge.

Callum has spoken to audiences of all sizes in a variety of locations in the UK, including the Royal Albert Hall and Earls Court Exhibition Centre. He has also spoken around the world, including in Shanghai, Rome and the United States.

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  • Band A: £1,500 → £3,500


  • How to attract and motivate young people in the workplace
  • What young people want from their careers
  • How young people are transforming the business world
  • How to sell to millennials
  • Future-proofing a business
  • Issues impacting young people
  • Cultural shifts and resulting trends
  • Young people and technology: the internet and ‘meme culture'

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Callum Woodcock

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