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Jackie is passionate about Inclusive Leadership

Jackie Handy has supported hundreds of individuals in numerous organisations around the world in accelerating performance. Formerly a top performing Manager for 2 decades, she now works with others to give back the recipe for sales, leadership and inclusion success. Through her corporate speaking, training and consultancy work, as well as her own personal journey, Jackie has developed a deeper understanding of human behaviour and why we do what we do, as well as how accepting or challenging we are about the behaviour of others. By combining these, she helps organisations and the people within them to their next level of performance.


Her Keynote speciality is Inclusive Leadership and covers the specific topics of Diversity & Inclusion as well as Value-based Leadership. Her captivating, informative and action-focused keynotes offer audiences the following takeaways:

Diversity & Inclusion - The Exclusive Nature of Inclusion

- Demystifying D&I - truly understanding the difference between the two

- Why everyone is talking about D&I, and why you should be too!

- D&I across the globe - how culture and D&I combine

- Practical inclusive leadership - knowing how to apply the theory in my business

Value-based Leadership - The Purpose of Values

- Why the importance of Values are often the overlooked secret weapon in your business strategy

- How Values can support you in workforce engagement and growth

- Defining clear Value-based processes to ensure business sustainability

- How Values make your customers love you

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  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Value-base Leadership


  • Band C: £5,000 → £10,000

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"Jackie's message, her humanity and her connection are a joy to behold and she struck a chord with everyone who heard her."

- E. O'Brien, Corporate Storytelling Specialist

guest speaker, keynote speaker, leadership speakers, Jackie Handy

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