Michelle Mills Porter (Band B: £3,500 → £5,000)

Michelle is passionate about the Magnificence of Humanity

Michelle is The People Reader, an expert in behaviour and communication. She is a Master Behaviour Profiler, award winning business owner, author, trainer and creator of the MMP analyses.

Michelle discovered the truth behind motivation and the power of collaboration in the most remarkable of classrooms, and shares these lessons with massive impact.

She is able to move an audience and inspire them. She can help them find alignment with their true core values, find their flow and as a result, to achieve sky high performance.


  • The Magnificence of Humanity
    • Michelle will take you on a journey, to the depths of the biggest natural disaster in our living history. You will be there with her, living it, tasting it, smelling it... you will feel the wretchedness and the despair of those who were there. Then she will reveal something utterly beautiful. She will share what is at the heart of humanity and reveal the truth behind our motivation, why we have untapped capacity and the astonishing power when we unleash our magnificence and learn to collaborate effectively.
  • The Key to Motivation
    • This keynote creates the light bulb moment for many who have struggled to fully understand the motivation of their workforce. Uncovering our core values and their significence in our levels of satisfation, fulfilment and aspirations is the way to release the energy within an organisation.
  • The Secret Life of People
    • In a world where technology and automation threatens to overpower the value of real human engagement, Michelle re-awakens our natural ability to read, understand and empathise more effectively.

Michelle is a master storyteller and has been described as “giving her whole self to every talk” resulting in “pure magic.” She can reduce an audience to tears of compassion with her tsunami experience, to tears of laughter with her natural humour and to their feet with numerous standing ovations.

If you want your audience to be inspired, stimulated or motivated, Michelle is the speaker to deliver.

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  • The Magnificence of Humanity
  • The Key to Motivation
  • The Secret Life of People
  • Phone Genius – The Art of Non-Visual Communication
  • Building Brilliant Business Relationships
  • The Key to Collaboration


  • Band B: £3,500 → £5,000

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"Michelle's ability to engage you with energetic humour whilst imparting her vast knowledge on human nature and positive networking is astonishing."

- Malcolm Budd, Global Purchasing, Rolls-Royce

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